Dr. Darria Long Gillespie | COVID-19 Summit Interview


Our Health Talks was honored to have Dr. Darria Long Gillespie join us for a special Q&A on coronavirus and COVID-19. Dr. Darria is a board-certified Emergency Department physician, MBA, and nationally televised TV health expert. She joined us to share the perspective from the ER, and to discuss the health measure we can all be taking to promote wellness in this time of pandemic.

Conversation Guide:

  • What does a day in the ER look like right now? (1:50)
  • Who is coming into the ER with COVID-19? (4:42)
  • Is there a way to “predict” your risk for coronavirus? (6:30)
  • Are folks with other diseases at a greater risk of contracting this in the first place? (7:40)
  • COVID-19 recovery rate (8:55)
  • Focus on your health fundamentals (10:00)
  • The infection timeline, and seeking medical attention (10:43)
  • How can I find out more about testing in my area and how safe are these tests? (16:30)
  • Should we all be behaving as if we are carrying the disease? (19:05)
  • Are there any viable solutions out there for treating COVID-19? (21:25)
  • Any reliable science about the relationship between coronavirus and pregnancy? (24:23)
  • Precautions for parents with children (26:53)
  • How to talk to your kids about coronavirus (28:20)
  • How did it get so bad in the US? Where did we go wrong? (31:45)
  • Zinc or vitamin C therapy, anything to these as treatments or general cautionary measures? (33:58)
  • Factors to pay attention to for the future (42:20)
  • How long does this virus linger in the air? (45:30)
  • Can heat kill the virus? (47:00)
  • What made you smile today? (50:12)

Resources mentioned:

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This interview was recorded on March 27, 2020.