Dr. Drew Ramsey | Mental Health and Wellness During, and After, COVID Quarantine

Our Health Talks was pleased to welcome psychiatrist Dr. Drew Ramsey to the program recently to discuss the mental health implications of the coronavirus pandemic. This conversation addressed one of the most important, and overlooked, implications of this current moment: the mental health ramifications of social isolation, distancing, and a global pandemic.

Conversation Guide:

  • How can we have a respectful conversation when we disagree about something like appropriate social interactions in this moment? (5:23)
  • What does it mean to be there for friends who are struggling right now? (8:36)
  • How Dr. Ramsey stays educated in the time of COVID-19 (10:44)
  • Building mental resiliency (13:05)
  • Defining nutritional psychiatry and the role of food in mental health (17:44)
  • A brain-healthy diet (20:48)
  • Physical activity and mental health (23:13)
  • Music and mental health (27:27)
  • What is the known effect of media consumption on mental health? (32:22)
  • Tips for creating boundaries with food (39:03)
  • Handling the actions of others that give you anxiety (44:18)
  • How to smartly set your expectations (48:00)

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You can also listen to this interview on Spotify.

This conversation was originally recorded on May 26, 2020.

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