Dr. Kari Nadeau | Allergies and Asthma in the COVID-19 Age


Our latest talk featured allergy and asthma expert Dr. Kari Nadeau, who joined us to discuss the management and implications of those very conditions in the COVID-19 age. This conversation challenges many of the assumptions we have about what these concerns mean for COVID-19 risk profile and outcomes. Fascinating stuff you won’t want to miss!

Conversation guide:

  • Introduction to Dr Nadeau (1:45)
  • Is asthma is one of the most important risk factors for COVID-19? (3:35)
  • Does the treatment protocol for COVID-19 differ if you have allergies or asthma? (6:45)
  • Do certain allergy types (e.g. food, pollen) represent a greater difficulty as it related to COVID-19? (7:45)
  • How can you determine whether you have allergy symptoms or COVID-19 symptoms? (10:25)
  • COVID-19 is presenting with a rash in some cases? (13:30)
  • Allergy medication and the immune system. (16:18)
  • Can I keep using my steroidal nasal spray? (17:50)
  • Concerns with latex allergies. (18:00)
  • What is the relationship between air pollution and asthma and allergies? (21:47)
  • Any recommendations on products or practices that can help limit the amount of allergens coming into home now? (28:50)
  • Can overuse of cleaning products become a problem? (31:55)
  • Any suggestions for parents who have children at home with allergies? (35:50)
  • Is it safe to start allergy shots during this time? (37:50)
  • Could you talk about what the End of Food Allergy means and what the book is about? (39:25)
  • Why are we seeing such a prevalence of allergies in the last few decades? (43:10)
  • How are you staying up-to-date with the medical news about COVID-19? (46:15)
  • What is something that made you smile recently? (48:58)

For updates from Dr. Nadeau follow the Parker Center’s updates online here.

Find out more and get the her latest book The End of Food Allergy here.

You can listen to the audio recording of this interview on Spotify and iTunes.

This conversation was recorded on May 13, 2020.

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