Dr. Shivani Mody | An E.R. Doc on the Front Lines of COVID-19

Our latest talk featured Dr. Shivani Mody, an Emergency Medicine doc with Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY, who went viral (https://twitter.com/shivanimody) when she shared her experience working in a community hospital.

She joins us to discuss what she and other doctors are seeing on the front lines in our hospitals.

Conversation Guide:

  • Preparing for a shift (4:40)
  • On being an EM and a breast-feeding mom (9:59)
  • How she scrubs in (12:50)
  • How many patients she sees each day (16:10)
  • How a COVID-19 patient presents (19:42)
  • Symptoms in the gastrointestinal tract and Coronavirus (20:12)
  • Do comorditities put people at higher risk for COVID-19? (22:52)
  • Are we seeing an increased risk from communities of color and younger people? (23:12)
  • Do you think the rates of infections have been higher and we don’t know about them because we haven’t been doing enough testing? (25:06)
  • Would you agree that a good operating idea for all of us is to act as if we have the disease? (26:18)
  • Would you agree that we are missing something with the numbers and that we are only looking at the tip of the iceberg? (30:32)
  • What is it like to engage with a patient right now? How do you treat? (32:26)
  • What does staffing look like in ER right now? (39:20)
  • What is the process for you to exit the hospital, physically and mentally? (42:37)
  • Should we be wearing masks? (46:55)
  • Do you think that social distancing has helped to reduce the stress on the medical system? (49:40)
  • Are there enough tests now, are we still going through a shortage? (51:30)
  • Are there any treatments or trials on the horizon that you are looking at? (52:50)
  • What’s being done to share information between hospitals and practitioners to combat this disease? (54:05)
  • Where did we go wrong? How could have been better prepared for this? (56:42)
  • Beyond the Frontline: A Documentary about Dr. Mody (1:02:02)

For more on Beyond the Frontlines, visit the project’s GoFundMe.

You can also listen to this interview on iTunes and Spotify.

This interview was recorded on April 8, 2020.

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