Dr. Susan Blum | COVID-19 Summit Interview

Our Health Talks was honored to have Dr. Susan Blum join us for a special Q&A on coronavirus and COVID-19. Dr. Susan Blum is an MD with an MPH, and is Board Certified in Preventive Medicine, Certified in Functional Medicine, and Integrative and Holistic Medicine. Dr. Blum joined us to discuss the public health implications of COVID-19 and coronavirus.

Conversation Guide:

  • Defining public health (3:20)
  • Are we not educating the public appropriately? (5:49)
  • How did we get here? (8:26)
  • Our public health strategy (10:38)
  • Will 50-80% of us really get this? (20:58)
  • Where are we on the hunt for a treatment? (40:37)
  • If you have had the virus, how can you help and what can you do? (47:22)
  • Flaws, regulatory hurdles, and leadership concerns cost us a month of testing that could have slowed down the virus (49:55)
  • When will we have immunizations, and will this come back? (50:58)
  • Could RA and other autoimmune conditions increase my risk for contracting COVID-19? (56:26)
  • What is your opinion about Vitamin D? (1:03:10)
  • Is it beneficial for us to cover our faces when we leave the home? (1:07:01)
  • Food shopping: in-person or delivery? (1:09:20)
  • The viruses lifespan on plastic, paper, and other surfaces (1:12:42)
  • Does a person need to be symptomatic to get the test? If someone is not symptomatic, would they test positive or negative? (1:21:20)
  • What is one thing that made you smile or laugh recently? (1:29:53)

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This video was recorded on March 28, 2020.

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