Dr. Will Cole | Boosting Immunity in the Age of COVID-19

Our latest talk featured functional medicine expert Dr. Will Cole, who came to us to shine a light on what we can do to strengthen our immune system during, and after, the age of COVID-19.

This illuminating discussion touched a number of topics, from the foods we eat to the lifestyle choices that affect immune health, and should answer a number of your most pressing health questions.

Conversation Guide:

  • Defining immunity, and the immune system (2:25)
  • Key factors that cause inflammation (6:58)
  • How to find foods that trigger an inflammatory response in your body (14:10)
  • Are there any food groups that you would point to as net positives for the immune system? (17:25)
  • Any thoughts on supplements like zinc? (24:05)
  • Does Dr. Cole suggest vitamin D supplementation? What roles does Vitamin D play in the immune system? (25:00)
  • “Healthful” coffee and alcohol consumption (28:15)
  • How are you practicing self-care while physically distancing? (32:43)
  • Could you speak to how stress compromises our immune health? (35:45)
  • Does (necessary) hand-washing and excess use of antibacterials threaten the health of our microbiome? If so, how can we rebuild gut flora? (40:55)
  • Do you have any general thoughts on how the practice of personal medicine and primary care may change going forward after going through something like this crisis? (44:43)
  • How Dr. Cole cleans fresh produce (46:30)
  • What is something that made you smile recently? (50:50)

For Updates from Dr. Cole:

You can also listen to this interview on Spotify and iTunes.

The interview was originally recorded on April 22, 2020.

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