Drs. Ashley Eskew and Will Haas | COVID-19 Implications for Pregnancy & Parenting

Our Health Talks was joined by the dynamic (married) duo of Drs. Ashley Eskew and Will Haas to discuss everything new and expecting parents need to know about COVID-19 and their family planning.

Conversation Guide:

  • Defining Integrative Fertility (2:12)
  • Is this a good time to conceive? (3:37)
  • Is being pregnant something that strengthens or weakens the immune system? (6:30)
  • Ways pregnant women can strengthen their immune system (6:49)
  • Are there precautions women should take when they’re preparing to go to things like a prenatal appointment? (11:11)
  • Are you guys still seeing patients right now yourselves? What accommodations are you making in the clinic for that? (13:38)
  • Do we know if women who are pregnant are presenting with different symptoms from someone who is not pregnant once they contract COVID-19? (18:06)
  • If someone is carrying stricken with COVID-19, are we seeing any implications for the child? (18:31)
  • Are hospitals doing more C-sections right now? (20:25)
  • What considerations should we be making when we’re getting ready to bring a child home from the hospital and perhaps going to doctor’s appointments in those first few weeks or months? (21:13)
  • Should we be concerned about breastfeeding during this time? (23:06)
  • Lifestyle modifications all parents can practice (25:20)

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This interview was originally recorded on May 8, 2020.

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