Max Lugavere | Interpreting the COVID-19 News Cycle

This week citizen scientist and best-selling author Max Lugavere joined us to discuss how we can all empower ourselves to better understand science and cut through the noise to interpret what we need to know during this mile-a-minute Coronavirus news cycle.

Conversation Guide:

  • Defining the term “citizen scientist” and Max’s journey (3:48)
  • Max’s media diet (8:40)
  • Do you time restrict your media intake? (15:15)
  • Can you describe the term “panic porn”? (16:35)
  • Are there red flags that you are looking for when reading an article or report? (23:05)
  • Unique media malfeasance during the COVID-19 moment. (30:20)
  • How do you pull yourself out the media rabbit hole and decompress? (33:20)
  • Healthy snacking (37:50)
  • How can we have respectful dialogue with someone we disagree with? (42:20)
  • What changes do you see happening in healthcare and conversation about healthcare do you see happening as a result of this crisis? (48:27)

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You can listen to the audio recording of this interview on Spotify and iTunes.

This interview was originally recorded on May 19, 2020.

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